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The Actino40 + Endo + Mold5 is a multi-purpose testing kit for detailed Actinobacteria, Endotoxin and Mold analysis, providing comprehensive indoor air quality assessment and professional consultation.

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Product Description: Actino40 + Endotoxins + Mold5 (Next Generation Sequencing)

The Actino40 + Endo + Mold5 using Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) offers a comprehensive and detailed analysis of 40 Actinobacteria, endotoxins, and 5 molds known to be associated with health risks from water damaged building (WDB) . This test combines Actinobacteria, Endotoxins, and the 5 molds related to the HERTSMI-2 score, providing critical data for assessing health risks in water-damaged buildings.

Features and Benefits

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Evaluates 40 Actinobacteria, Endotoxins, and 5 molds, key indicators of environmental health risks.
  • Next Generation Sequencing (NGS): Uses advanced sequencing technology for precise identification and quantification, offering more detailed and reliable results than traditional methods.
  • Dual Testing Options: Available in Swiffer and vacuum kit formats for flexible sampling from various surfaces.
  • Detailed Reports: Includes Actinobacteria Dominance Index (DI) and Prevalence Index (PI) to understand contamination sources. Endotoxin result interpretation, and HERTSMI score. Summary of the laboratory reports, associated symptom and suspect contaminate locations.
  • Professional Consultation: Includes virtual 30 minuet expert consultation to interpret results. When  combined with on-site or virtual assessments, you may generate a thorough scope of work, risk assessment, and action plan.
  • Health Insights: Ideal for individuals experiencing symptoms from bacterial or mold exposure, such as CIRS, chronic fatigue, respiratory issues, cognitive difficulties, and complex chronic illnesses.
  • Quick Turnaround: Receive results within 5 to 7 days (not including shipping) for prompt decision-making.

Usage Instructions

  1. Sampling: Collect samples using the Swiffer or vacuum kits, following the provided instructions. Ensure samples are taken from various surfaces.
  2. Submission: Securely package and send the samples to the laboratory using the provided materials.
  3. Analysis: The laboratory will perform a thorough analysis using next-generation sequencing.
  4. Reporting: Receive a detailed report with Actinobacteria health risk scores, endotoxin levels, and HERTSMI-2 scores. The report provides insights into contamination levels, sources, and potential health risks.
  5. Collaboration: Providing a detailed, customized report to your healthcare provider can greatly enhance their diagnosis by adding information on pathogenic, toxigenic, and inflammatory biological agents in your home. Additionally, the detailed reporting can significantly assist the home inspector by identifying areas in the home that may have microclimates supportive of specific bacteria or molds. The reports can also help the remediation provider how best to address the specific biotoxins. Moreover, occupants or patients can alter behaviors, enhance house cleaning, and improve hygiene practices to create a healthier home with less risk exposure, ultimately aiding in their recovery.


Choosing the Actino40 + Endo + Mold5 is a proactive step towards a healthier living environment. This comprehensive testing kit identifies 40 main Actinobacteria species, endotoxins, and 5 molds to create a score for building-related illness situations. Additionally, it provides actionable insights through professional consultation, ensuring you can take informed steps to reduce your health risk and improve your indoor air quality.

For more details and to purchase the Actino40 + Endo + Mold5, visit the product pages for ACTINO40 + Endo + Mold5. For more information on Actinobacteria, visit our blog.

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