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ERMI DNA Mold Spores in Dust Analysis & 30 Minute Consultation


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ERMI & HERTSMI-2 mold dust analysis reveals the DNA of 36 different types of molds in your house dust that may cause health issues because they are allergic, pathogenic and or toxigenic.

Custom Report that includes the following:

  • 30 minute consultation for interpretation of findings
  • HERSTMI-2 Score for CIRS Score (Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome By Dr Shoemaker)
  • Fungal glossary for the top 5 dominants species
  • Mold and mycotoxins symptoms checklist
  • Clinical testing options for mold allergies, and mycotoxin exposure.
This information is critical in understating the mold source and level of contamination. Once exposed to mold and associated mycotoxins it’s beneficial to test for mold allergy response and for mycotoxins metabolite levels, since mycotoxin can cause minor to serious health symptoms.Additional charge for consultation time is available for generating remediation protocol.

No test kit necessary if you have a dry Swiffer pad and zip lock bag at home. Testing direction included. Test kit optional for additional $50. Includes vacuum attachment, Swiffer pad and zip lock bags.

Laboratory report in approximately 7 days. Contact us for additional rush charge.


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