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Mold 200 DNA Dust Analysis

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The IES Mold200 DNA Dust Analysis offers fast, detailed mold detection using Next Generation Sequencing. Identify all mold species in your sample within 5 days for a healthier home.


Introducing the IES Mold200 DNA Dust Analysis

Key Features:

  • 5-Day Turnaround Time: Get your results quickly, so you can take action promptly.
  • Comprehensive Mold Detection: Quantitative analysis of the entire mold species composition in your sample using Next Generation Sequencing.


  • Detailed Reporting: The test identifies and quantifies all mold species in your sample, providing results as spore equivalents per milligram.
  • Comparison to Other Tests: Unlike the HERTSMI-2 test, which targets 5 mold species, or the ERMI test, which targets 36 mold species, the Mold200 test covers the full spectrum.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Includes normal levels highlights and a summary of the most relevant mold species, offering a clear understanding of your indoor air quality.
  • DNA Sequencing Technology: Provides a complete list of all fungi, though it excludes Mucor (Group 02), a common indoor mold not included in the ERMI report.
  • HERTSMI-2 Score Included: The test also provides a HERTSMI-2 score for easy comparison and additional insights.

Health Focus:

  • Extended List of Toxic Fungi: The Mold200 test identifies toxic fungi that have the potential to produce mycotoxins or pose health hazards, including Aspergillus, Penicillium, Fusarium, Candida, and Trichoderma.

Choose the IES Mold200 DNA Dust Analysis for a thorough, accurate assessment of your indoor mold levels. It is the first step toward a healthier home environment.


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