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Virtual Consultation

Indoor Environmental Systems, Inc. provides Air Quality Virtual Consultation regarding how to reduce your exposure to environmental stressors in your home, car and office and enhance your environment for optimal health.

  • Steven J McLeod is a board certified indoor environmentalist with 30 yrs of training and experience in both residential and commercial environmental assessments for indoor air & water quality, electromagnetic fields, lighting, earthing, etc: Refer to resume.
  • Air Quality Virtual Consultation provides a quick and easy way to get an expert opinion on your situation, and develop a plan that is specific to your needs.
  • If you’re not in our crews service area, then we collaborate and build a team of local experts to help remediate your situation and improve your environment for your greater health and happiness.
  • Each home is unique and everyone’s health needs are different, so developing a plan that brings together the building and personal health assessment, remediation and ongoing maintenance so that your pollutant exposure is less than your physiological threshold for symptoms reaction is crucial for the success of your “healthy home project.”



  • Healthy Home Assessment: Moisture, Mold, VOCs, Air Filtration, Energy Efficiency, EMF, Water, Clinical Tests, etc.
  • Testing for toxins in your home and body (what’s in your air, is likely in your body).
  • Analyzing test results (molds, mycotoxins, allergens). electromagnetic fields, radon, etc., and how these environmental stressors affect your health.
  • Remediation plan/protocol (lets get clear on what & how the remediation is done and who is doing it).
  • Clearance testing (creating a clearance standard that meets your needs, budget and the remediator’s abilities).
  • IAQ maintenance: Air filtration, ventilation, house cleaning, etc. (clean today yet dirty tomorrow is not a good value – maintaining your home below your immune response threshold is important.)
  • Primary Benefits; improved health due to better indoor air quality reduced carbon footprint and lower energy costs.



  • Optimize your home for sleep, recovery, and safety.
  • House cleaning products and behaviors: efficient ways to keep it clean; botanical, essential oils, air filtration, HEPA vacuum cleaner, robotic vacuums, pollutant control behaviors.
  • Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) & Earthing/Grounding


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