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The Unfolding Journey of Our Business

Back in 1992, Steve McLeod laid the foundation of Indoor Environmental Systems Inc. with a focus on mold remediation services across North Carolina. For over 30 years, the enterprise flourished into a diversified business, continually embracing the latest advancements to provide a wide range of solutions for indoor environmental wellness.

Come 2023, a game-changing moment signaled a new chapter for the company. Acknowledging the urgent international necessity for health-centric indoor spaces, Steve and Lori McLeod pivoted their focus from local remediation to international consultation. This transformation was more than a mere expansion; it signified a sharpening of our mission. Now, the scope extends beyond local borders. Through virtual consultations and specialized online training, the duo collaborates with functional medicine practitioners, their patients, and local tradespeople. The goal? To tackle Sick Building Syndrome, prevent building-related illnesses, and empower individuals to forge healthier homes and, by extension, healthier lives.

shapePurpose, Mission, and Mastery: A Journey Since 1992

Building Healthier Lives, One Home at a Time


Our fundamental purpose is "To identify hidden mold, chemicals, and environmental risks in homes, with the goal of enhancing energy efficiency, resilience, and comfort—ultimately elevating the well-being of buildings and people alike."


We've committed ourselves to over three decades of empowering homeowners through the identification and mitigation of environmental risks in their living spaces. We provide an array of services that synergistically contribute to the creation of healthier homes and by extension, healthier lives.


Our comprehensive expertise includes:

  • Moisture and Mold: We're experts in finding hidden moisture and mold, addressing both the causes and the health implications.
  • Water Damage: Our team offers both proactive and reactive solutions to water damage, safeguarding your home from future risks.
  • Air Quality: With real-time IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) monitoring, we help you make data-driven decisions to manage and improve your home’s air quality.
  • Total Home Mold Remediation: From crawlspaces to attics and air ducts, we help you avoid the remediation cross-contamination challenges.

Each of these specialized services is a cornerstone of our larger mission. When integrated, they offer a holistic, synergistic approach to home health that has garnered the trust and endorsement of thousands of satisfied clients since our inception in 1992.

shapeHome Healthier

How We Make Your Home Healthier


Virtual Assessments

Begin by scheduling your consultation and completing a preliminary questionnaire. This allows us to understand your unique situation better. Enhancing our assessments are real-time IAQ sensors and DNA dust analysis that provide a scientific basis for our evaluations. Feel free to share photos, building plans, or lab reports to further aid the process.


Expert Analysis

Armed with rich data and multidisciplinary expertise, our team meticulously reviews all gathered information to identify any risks connected to poor indoor air quality (IAQ), moisture, and mold presence.


Custom Remediation Consultation

Following the initial assessment, we craft a tailored action plan aimed at resolving your specific challenges. But we don't stop there—our quality control, clearance strategies, and automated maintenance routines ensure your home continues to be a safe haven for the long term.


Product Recommendations

In addition to our assessment and remediation services, we offer a curated range of healthy home products. These products synergistically complement our services, offering a comprehensive solution for indoor air and water quality, EMF management, and fostering a balanced home biome.

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