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shapeWhat We Do
  • Tailored Remediation Plan
  • Following a detailed assessment and laboratory analysis, we design a personalized remediation roadmap to address your specific environmental issues.

  • Flexibility in Approach
  • Our remediation protocol can be adapted to fit your unique circumstances—whether it's your budget, schedule, or the skill set of your local contractors; we've got you covered.

  • Contractor Collaboration
  • As your go-to experts in indoor air quality, we facilitate smooth communication between you and your local contractors. We help define a clear and detailed scope of work that all parties agree to, from the project's start to its successful completion.

shapeWhy It Matters
  • Success by Design
  • A concise remediation process is crucial for success.

  • Risk Mitigation
  • A poorly executed remediation can worsen your existing problems and inflate your expenses. It's crucial to get it right from the start.

  • Cost-Effectiveness
  • Opting for contractors who have been vetted increase the likelihood the project is done correctly the first time around, saving you both time, stress and money.


We strive to be a value-added platform for specific mold, IAQ, and healthy home needs. From initial assessments to the sustainable upkeep of your home, we are committed to making your home not just a residence, but a sanctuary of health, wellness, and energy efficiency.

For any questions or to schedule a service, please Contact Us. Thank you for entrusting your holistic journey to a healthier home to Indoor Environmental Systems Inc.

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