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Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation (FFAVS)


Upgrade your home’s air quality with the Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System. Easily installed into a foundation vent, the FFAVS connects to your central air system, pulling in and conditioning fresh outdoor air. It includes a year’s supply of carbon pre-filters, capturing a variety of contaminants including ozone, pollen, and radon before they enter your living space.  Adhering to ASHRAE Standard 62, the FFAVS offers a clean, fresh-smelling home, improved energy efficiency, and a significant reduction in household dust and allergens.


Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System (FFAVS) brings filtered fresh air into your home.

Making your homes’ air fresher with less dust and pollutants.

The system is easy to maintain, it requires only four, easy filter changes per year.

Typically installed by your HVAC contractor, the FFAVS fits into a foundation vent and connects to the cold air return side of your central air conditioning system. When the central air is on you will be pulling in fresh filters outside air to be conditioned and distributed throughout your home! For a closed conditioned crawl space a crawl space supply registers may be added to the FFAVS.

The FFAVS comes with a year’s supply (4) of carbon pre filters. The carbon pre filter is changed every season.

The FFAVS complies with ASHRAE Standard 62 for residential ventilation which states, “Acceptable air quality is achieved by providing ventilation air of the specified quality and quantity to the space (6.1) and by controlling known and specifiable contaminants (6.2).


  • Clean and fresh smelling home
  • Captures ozone, greenhouse gases, chemical’s, pesticides pollen, mold spores and radon before they enter your home
  • Helps minimize back drafting
  • Less draft from windows and doors
  • A solution for sick building syndrome
  • Improved energy efficiency
  • Less dust in your home
  • Adds air to the home to make up for clothes dryer and bathroom exhaust fans which expel air from the home.

Installs in a foundation vent and connects to the return side of your central air system.

It captures ozone, greenhouse gases pollen, mold and radon!

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(Carbon Filter Replacement @4 = 1yr supply) 1 pack of 4 (+$45), Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation FFAVS

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  1. Steve Mcleod

    I developed the Filtered Fresh Air Ventilation System (FFAVS) as a direct response to a common, yet often overlooked, problem in modern homes: indoor air pollution. As the architect of this system, I recognized the challenges that sealed crawl spaces presented — especially the risk of accumulating hazardous gases like radon, CO2, and VOCs. With a firm understanding of the stack effect, where warm air’s natural rise and exit through the attic draws in new air from the lower levels, I saw an opportunity to improve the air drawn from these spaces. The FFAVS was born out of a need to ensure that every home, regardless of its design, could enjoy clean, filtered air. By integrating the FFAVS with an indoor air quality monitor such as the Wave Plus, homeowners can now precisely manage their indoor air quality, reducing pollutants and protecting their health. This system is more than just a product to me — it’s a cornerstone of healthy living.
    When in closing a crawl space we essentially make the home tighter which can cause elevated levels of a cancerous soil gas called radon, carbon dioxide (CO2) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Ventilation is a key component to dealing with these indoor air quality challenges. Combining an indoor air quality monitor such as the wave plus is an excellent way to dial in the proper amount of ventilation necessary for dilution of indoor air quality pollutants.

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